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ABOK Collective Members have more than just the preferences stipulated by the ABOK Charter. In the course of its activity the Association adds new services and adjusts its cooperation with Collective Members to meet their requests.

The ABOK Collective Members enjoy the following preferences and advantages:

  • Subscription to all journals issued by ABOK Engineers Association (the journals "ABOK", "Energosberezheniye" ("Energy Conservation"), "Santekhnika" ("Plumbing and Sewerage");
  • A 10% discount when advertising with the journal "ABOK" and a 10% discount when advertising with the journals "Energosberezheniye" and "Santekhnika";
  • The right to place information about itself and its activities in the annual "Catalog of ABOK Collective Members";
  • A 10% discount when renting exhibition space at "Moscow, An Energy Efficient City" conferences and shows held twice a year (in April and October) which are organized by the Fuel and Energy Administration of the Moscow City Government and ABOK Engineers Association;
  • The right to participate in the construction of the first energy efficient building in the city of Moscow;
  • The right to have benefits in printing publishing production;
  • A 15% discount when renting exhibition space at regional exhibitions and seminars organized by the ABOK Engineers Association;
  • R & D support in equipment certification;
  • The right to receive support when participating in shows and competitions organized by ABOK;
  • A discount up to 15% off the participation fee at research or educational seminars held by ABOK Engineers Association;
  • Participation in the development of standards and norms (the Russian national standard GOST "Residential and Public Buildings. Parameters of Indoor Microclimate");
  • Information services rendered to firms, dissemination of packaged topical, specialist information;
  • Research consulting services when designing and building sophisticated projects;
  • Providing visa support for participation in international exhibitions and seminars abroad;
  • Support by ABOK in establishing business contacts with foreign partners, including similarprofile associations.

This was the list of the preferences most widely used by the Collective Members of the Association.

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