Russian Association of Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics is a non-government public organization, which implements its activity independently and for the purpose of advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning for the benefit of the general public, positive effect on the environment and natural resources, to protect the interests of future generations.
    The main goal of the ABOK Association is the assistance to scientific and technical advance in the field of the subject of its activity. ABOK develops normative documents and reference books, renders support to carrying out the certification of equipment, participates in designing the demonstration projects, assists in contacts between Russian and foreign firms and in the opening of representative offices of foreign firms in Russia.

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ABOK Webinars – For The Professional Community ABOK Webinars – For The Professional Community

   Despite the fact that the webinars as a form of education and information dissemination are widely used in modern society, in a conversation at the mention of «ABOK webinars» people often ask us, especially the specialists of the older generation, «What is it - a webinar?».

Many of them are well aware what is an online conference, but the term «webinar» is still unusual for them. Meanwhile, webinar is much broader than just an online conference.

The Russian National Standard on Green Building

The Russian National Standard on “Green Building”

“Green construction. Residential and public buildings. Rating system for environment sustainability evaluation.”

   A number of laws were published in Russia over the last two years aimed at 40% reduction of the power consumption in buildings by 2020 and improvement of environmental safety. These laws introduce regulations for primary energy consumption, mandatory energy audits of buildings and use of alternative energy sources. Special attention of the Government and stakeholders is aimed at green construction.

New English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary


New English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary of Technical Terms and Phrases of Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermophysics

   This publication is most complete and up to date heating, ventilation, cooling and building thermal physics dictionary that is unique in its novelty and information presented.
  The need for such dictionary came up long time ago: huge amount of English literature, penetration of the Russian market by foreign equipment and innovative technologies require for the industry specialists to constantly replenish their knowledge of the subject.
  The dictionary contains over 18 000 terms commonly used in the English technical literature. Some of them previously did not have an official Russian translation. Meaning of many terms was expanded and clarified.


АВОК has developed and represents for use in work to the design organizations АВОК standards:
- "The Russian National Standard on “Green Building” “Green construction. Residential and public buildings. Rating system for environment sustainability evaluation.” "
- "Residential and public buildings. Air exchange rate"
- "Orthodox Temples. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning"
- "Building Automation and Control Systems. Common positions"
- "Technical recommendations for air exchange in flats of multi-storey buildings"
- "Damp air"
Standards are approved by Management of standardization, technical normalization and certification of Gosstroy of the Russian Federation and Мosgosekspertiza of Moscow Government.


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Terminological Dictionary Energy - Efficient Building HVAC ditionary