ABOK Standards

    ABOK initiative and participation in development and revision actual State Codes and Standards (Construction Standard, guidebooks, etc.) caused by increasing demands for energy saving and indoor air quality and wide range of new climatisation equipment offered for sale.

ABOK Standards



ABOK Standard "Building Automation and Control Systems. Part 1-Common positions"

Technical recommendations for air exchange in flats of multi-storey buildings

Reference manual "Damp air"

ABOK Standard "Standardization in NP ABOK. Rules of development and application for ABOk standards"

Reference manual "Graphic symbols for heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, heat and cool supply"

Reference manual "Guidelines for the rating of economic efficiency heat supply investment project. Generalities"

STO NP "AVOK" 6.3.1-2007 "Copper pipe pipelines for internal water supply and heating systems. General requirements"

STO NP "AVOK" 8.1.3-2007 "Automated building control systems, Part 3. Functions"

Guidelines AVOK–8–2007 "Guidelines for calculation of heat consumption by operating residential buildings (with calculation program)"

STO NP "AVOK" 4.3-2007 "Distributors of cost of heat consumed from room heating devices. Distributors with electrical power supply"

STO NP "AVOK" 4.1.5-2006 "Heating systems with gas and infrared emitters"

Practical recommendations or design and construction of water supply, sewage and fire safety pipeline systems, including using plastic pipes. (2nd edition, expanded)

STO NP "AVOK" 4.2.2–2006 "Heating radiators and convectors. General requirements"

Recommendations AVOK–5–2006 "Recommendation on evaluation of economic performance of heat supply investment project. General provisions"

STO NP "AVOK" 1.05–2006 "graphical notation conventions in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and heat and cold supply projects"

Regulation "On economic promotion of design and construction of energy-efficient buildings and production of energy-saving equipment for them"

Standard AVOK-6-2005 "Heating equipment. Part 1. General requirements"

Standard AVOK-1-2004 "Residential and public buildings. Air exchange norms"

Standard AVOK-2-2004 "Orthodox temples. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (re-published with additions and modifications)"

Standard AVOK-2-2004 "Orthodox temples. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (re-published with additions and modifications)"

Standards, completed with ABOK participation

Federal Standard
"Residential and public buildings. Inside parameters of microclimate"
Moscow city standard "Energy saving in buildings"
"The manual on designing independent sources of a heat supply" (2001)
Federal Standard
"Designing of buildings thermal protection"