Energosberezheniye journal

Energy Conservation journal

This is a full-color R & D analytical review aiming to reach a wide range of specialists in the area of construction, housing and utility services, and power engineering. It appears 8 times a year in 112 full–color A4 pages and has a circulation of 13,000 copies. The journal is published since 1995 by the Fuel and Energy Administration of the Moscow City Government and the Russian Association of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics Engineers (ABOK).


The journal Energosberezheniye is registered with the Russian Federation Committee for the Press, Certificate of Registration #018520 of February 26, 1999.


The journal’s readership includes specialists and managers working for manufacturing, marketing, engineering, and operator companies and entities up and down Russia, as well as CIS member countries, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.


Our readers are also executives and officials of government agencies, ministries, regional or municipal governments who are in charge of construction and energy sectors.


The journal is also disseminated at exhibitions, seminars, and workshops on energy conservation issues in various branches of the economy.


The journal is a forum to discuss the following topics:

  • New engineering, technological, economic, regulatory and legal developments in the area of energy and resource conservation in construction, housing and utility services, and energy sector;
  • Reviews, analytical and reference information on the status of the Russian market for goods and services in the construction, housing and utility services, and energy sectors, as well as reference information on manufacturers and suppliers of such goods and services;
  • Information on the upcoming exhibitions, seminars, workshops and conferences to consider energy and resource conservation issues and demonstrate energy and resource conservation products for various branches of the economy;
  • Other subject–matters of interest and use to a wide range of readers, including issues relating to product certification, power tariffs in various locales in Russia, regulations on holding show competitions and tenders to implement specific energy conservation projects in Moscow, etc.


The address of editorial board:
Post BOX 141, Moscow, 107031.
Tel./fax +7 (495) 621-8048, 621-6031
e-mail: energo@abok.ru


The regoinal representative can be reached at:
+7 (812) 275-1338