SANTECHNIKA magazine — the edition of Water Supply
and Disposal issued by ABOK noncommercial partnership

The target audience of specialized scientific, technical, review and analytical SANTECHNIKA magazine (water supply • pipes • fittings) is specialists and managers of construction, erecting and trade organizations, the staff of design institutes and architectural studios. The main topics of the magazine are water supply and disposal, pump equipment, pipeline systems, plumbing fittings and equipment, specific tools, and heating equipment.

SANTECHNIKA magazine (water supply • pipes • fittings) provides specialists with a full range of information in the area of water supply and removal, covers specialized exhibitions, forums, conferences and seminars that take place in Russia and other countries all around the World.

The main aim of SANTECHNIKA magazine (water supply • pipes • fittings) is providing the specialists with the information about the development of construction industry in Russia and abroad, engineering, standard and social issues of water supply and removal, new equipment and materials, modern sanitary and technical systems, the largest Russian and foreign producers of the above mentioned equipment, new legal and standard documentation, and the activities of ABOK non-commercial partnership.

The magazine is issued from the year of 1997.
Periodicity: 6 times per year.
Circulation: 10 000 copies.


SANTECHNIKA magazine (water supply • pipes • fittings) is distributed in Russia, CIS and other foreign countries among construction, design, subcontractor, trade and erecting companies, educational esteblishments, commercial and government organizations which are specialized in the area of water supply and disposal, pipeline systems, pump equipment and engineering plumbing.
• Subscription (over 4000 permanent subscribers)
• Direct mail based on the company's unique database including about 50,000 adresses in 900 cities and towns of Russia and CIS
• Profile forums, exhibitions, seminars, conferences

Distribution in administrative districts:
Central (Moscow and Moscow region) - 45%; North-Western (St. Petersburg and region) - 15%; Ural - 13%; Privolzhsky - 10%; Southern - 6%; Siberian - 7%; Far Eastern - 2%; CIS - 2%.

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SANTECHNIKA magazine is registered with the Russian Federation Committee for the Press, Certificate of Registration # 018308 of March 5, 1999.