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SANTECHNIKA magazine the edition of Water Supply and Disposal issued by ABOK noncommercial partnership

The magazine is issued from the year of 1997.
Periodicity: 6 times per year.
Circulation: 10 000 copies.

SANTECHNIKA magazine (water supply pipes fittings) is distributed in Russia, CIS and other foreign countries among construction, design, subcontractor, trade and erecting companies, educational esteblishments, commercial and government organizations which are specialized in the area of water supply and disposal, pipeline systems, pump equipment and engineering plumbing.

  • Subscription (over 4000 permanent subscribers)
  • Direct mail based on the company's unique database including about 50,000 adresses in 900 cities and towns of Russia and CIS
  • Profile forums, exhibitions, seminars, conferences

The price of advertisement (Euro)

1/1 page 1/2 page 1/3 page 1/4 page 1/8 page
4 color page 2250 1300 1050 825 410
The 1 cover
The 2 cover
The 3 cover
The 4 cover
Advertising page
Advertising spread


Collective member of ʠ- 10%

In 3 issues 10% For company which put there full colored advertisement
for first time we can give 1 page of technical article for free.
In 6 issues 20%
Advertising agency 10%


Please not that we work on Macintosh platform.
Ways for transference of materials
TIFF without LZW-compression, CMYK, 300 dpi (175 lineature) in natural geometric size;
vector image in EPS format where fonts are changed into curves.

Allowance and dimensions

In making layouts it is necessary to leave dimensional allowance (bleed) which is 5mm from each side of the layout adjoining with the edge of the page. The main elements, particularly text and logos, shall be not placed close by trim margins. The dimensions of the layouts shall coincide to the dimensions stated in the table. All dimensions are in millimeters without regard to trim margins.

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