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International Activities ABOK

1.Cooperation with international public and governmental organization ABOK is a member of REHVA (Federation of European HVAC specialists' Associations), associated member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, Air-conditioning Engineers), serves as representative at international conferences and exhibitions such as "Clima 2000", "Cold Climate", "Healthy Buildings", "Roomvent";

ABOK cooperates with ARI (American Refrigeration Institute), HVAC specialists' Associations of Finland, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine (APOSK- Association of HVAC installation, setting-up and service companies), Azerbaijan (International Power and Ecology Academy), KRAIA (South Korea)

2.Work with international company- Collective member of ABOK

  • Organization presentation for international firms

3.Cooperation with international exhibition company Messe Dusseldarf GmbH (Annual International Trade Fair for Sanitation, Heating, Air-conditioning, Facility Management)

4.Participation in International scientific programs

  • Participation in pilot project NATO/CCMS indoor air quality in the building
  • Cooperation with Danish international center, American Laboratory ORNL in Oakridge, LBL ; Laboratory LBL in Berkley, USA; ARI, USA
  • Cooperation with Department of Energy USA
  • Participation in Handbook ASHRAE

5.Post-graduate study and training course for raising the skill level of HVAC specialists.

6.Participation in international conferences

  • Winter and Annual ASHRAE Meeting
  • Conference in Switzerland "Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies" ()
  • Indoor Air
  • Congress in Slovania "Heating and Air Conditioning of Buildings, Energy and Environment"
  • 53-annaul conference SBCCI (USA, Florida)
  • Healthy Buildings 2000 (Finland)
  • Ventilation 2000 (Finland)
  • Building Simulation (Japan)
  • Cold Climate HVAC 2000 (Japan)
  • LonWorld (Nederland)

7.Participation in international exhibition

  • AHR Expo
  • ISH (Germany)

8.Cooperation with international publishing house

  • Skarland Press (Norway)
  • Strebel Verlag (Germany)
  • Tecniche nuove (Italy)

9.Publishing HVAC dictionary

10.Publishing ABOK Newsletter on English

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