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"Ventilation, Heating, Air Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics" - the leading trade magazine enjoying a deserved authority of experts in the field of OVK. In publications domestic and international experience of application of various engineering decisions is objectively reflected in modern objects.

Main subjects of the magazine

  • For the aid to the designer. Practical recommendations about design of engineering systems of buildings.
  • Ways of increase of energy efficiency of buildings and constructions. We operate expenses, we increase quality.
  • "Green" buildings
  • Questions of operation of engineering systems: practice and concrete decisions.
  • Characteristic mistakes of designers: we correct and warn.
  • Legislation news. Actual normative documents. Sets of rules, CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS, standards.
  • Equipment novelties. Principles of work, feature of installation and operation.
  • Automation of engineering systems.

In the section Library of Scientific Articles articles from Ventilation, heating, air conditioning, heat supply and construction thermophysics magazine for the last 15 years are laid out.

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